Next Gen Atp Finals, Luca Nardi still knocked out

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Luca Nardi still knocked out

Luca Nardi suffers his second consecutive defeat at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Jeddah. The Italian, placed in the Green Group, è was overcome by Swiss Dominic Stricker in three sets, with the score 4-1, 4-1, 4-2 in just 55 minutes of play.

Against Fils, Nardi had faced a more mature and structured opponent in playing and building his potential. In the second match, however, he found a Stricker in a state of grace. With lavish firsts, minimized errors, feet firmly planted to the court and flurries of winners, the Swiss closed the exchanges with confidence, without any hesitation.

In the conditions he was in, it was difficult to find the inner resources to hang on to the match, as he had managed to do against the French number one seed. In addition, errors made in the first set prevented Nardi from finding the rhythm and confidence to counter Stricker’s initiatives. Even Nardi’s few flare-ups, which interrupted the Swiss’s raids from time to time, proved insufficient to undermine the level of play of Stricker, who showed no decline over the course of the match.

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