Juventus, good signs for Federico Chiesa’s renewal

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The experience è close to prolonging further.

Federico Chiesa and Juventus do not seem intent on separating their respective paths. In fact, the talented Bianconeri striker è is close to extending his agreement with the club, as evidenced by the meetings the parties are holding in recent weeks. And one of the most recent seems to have generated the long-awaited white smoke.

According to what the website of the 'Gazzetta dello Sport' reported Thursday, in fact, one of the most recent dialogues on Chiesa’s future seems to have generated encouraging signs. It was a meeting that took place between the Bianconeri technical director, Cristiano Giuntoli, the sporting director, Giovanni Manna, and the player’s agent, Fali Ramadani: nothing significant from the official point of view, but what è emerged è was the will è to go all the way.

According to the 'Rosea', in fact, Juventus has obtained a guarantee that in any case Chiesa will not leave in 2025 on a zero-parameter basis. The counterpart in turn has asked that, if a bridging solution is not found, a contract extension of a further year with salary adjustment would arrive. These are the bases, on which the parties will return to discuss in the coming weeks. With the common will, però to arrive at a square as soon as possible.

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