Gianluca Petrachi reveals a market backstory on Bremer

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The words of Gianluca Petrachi

The'former sporting director of Roma and Torino, Gianluca Petrachi gave a long interview to Radio Serie A with RDS in which he also revealed a market backstory on Gleison Bremer: "I at Torino got Bremer who nobody believed in. In Brazil he did not play all the time, he was still a boy and did not have titularityà important. Lì you rely on intuition: he was fast, humble, with a head, a prominent physique and a lot of personality. I had said to myself: he needs to work a little bit on technique but in Italy, with the coaches we have, he will become a great footballer. An extraordinary boy who canò still improve so much".

On the role of the ds he said: "Over time this figure è changed. The DS must have control over the’technical area, manage the people and resources that are part of it, be the glue between the president or the’CEO, and the team and the’coach. The reality’è that there are very few sports directors today who take on this kind of responsibility. I don’t want to put down my category at all, but sometimes you are faced with companies, with presidents who also like to take care of the soccer market, so of players, coaches and in general the technical environment, ahim’without any kind of experience and expertise. In my opinion, we are also paying for this in our Serie A".

"The club must have the courage to impose a guideline,” he added.

If I go to Toro and President Cairo names names, I must be able to be aziendalist, and be closer to what the needs of the club are. If this one makes 80 million, clearly I cannot spend 150 million. Clearly I will not haveò done my job well. È this is where the figure of the DS becomes important: Frosinone has Angelozzi who è a historical figure in our football landscape of sports directors, Lecce Pantaleo Corvino who historically represents that type of role. These are clubs that rely on these figures who try to carry out virtuous actions. Lecce for example has one of the lowest payrolls in the league. Società must be aware, becauseé if you then find yourself fighting for salvation, and canò even run off your foot, if you end up relegated you will not end up with a frightening payroll. You have to know how to find the balance between turnover and spending, and, with humility, let me say, ours è a sick Serie A. Apart from 5-6 virtuous clubs, I obviously put in Empoli and Atalanta, the others have truckloads of debt. And such a footballì è so difficult to sustain".

"We Italians always manage to put a patch, we have qualities that have always been recognized. We have very well-prepared coaches, a technical-tactical culture that has always been above average and, because of that, we always try to get to the top thanks to top players. I at Roma took Smalling and Mkhitaryan who were not playing, but in Italy they became absolute stars. This makes you see that, for example, the Premier League è superior in aggressiveness and intensity. In Serie A we are good at making up for these shortcomings with the tactical ability to wrap up the opponents, put ourselves with a five-man defense so we don’t get suffocated, train work culture and professionalism;. Forò è itè clear that technically some lacks compared to other tournaments we’ve" Petrachi commented on the differences between the Italian league and foreign ones.

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