Valentino Rossi also jokes with fever

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Valentino Rossi with fever

Bad news for Valentino Rossi who è locked up at home with a high fever. Nothing too worrying, however, for the Doctor (who now needs a real one), as evidenced by the story posted on his official Instagram profile, in the company of course of Francesca Sofia Novello.The nine-time world champion è immortalized himself in a selfie with a wet rag on his forehead, commenting on it with "39.4 and not è lap time". 

Meanwhile, there has been an uproar over Luca Marini’s decision to leave the Ducati VR46 Mooney Racing team, the team of his older brother Valentino Rossi, to go and replace at Honda the Spaniard Marc Marquez, Rossi’s arch-rival, who has switched to Duati’s Gresini team. The 26-year-old from Tavullia himself tells Gazzetta dello Sport.

"When è emerged the’opportunityà to replace Marc Marquez, Vale è was the first person I called – tells Marini -. È was… interesting. We talked a lot about it, although è it was difficult, of course, to talk to him, because è his role è both as head of the managers and the team. He he was torn between a nice opportunity to try to accomplish in every way, and knowing that we are a great team and it would be a shame to miss”. 

The decision è also came to get out of Valentino’s cone of shadow. "Exactly, this è one last step that was needed. è my project to grow as a MotoGP rider. Going to an official team was my dream and goal, for me è a very normal thing, being Valentino Rossi’s brother to me changes nothing”.

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