Juventus doesn’t give up on Massimiliano Allegri

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The words of Cristiano Giuntoli

Cristiano Giuntoli spoke about the market to Dazn before Monza-Juventus: "Manna and I work daily with Allegri and with l'ad Scanavino, a good working group has been created and we are happy. For us Allegri è a reference point, we hold on to him very tightly and any other candidacy has no chance".

Chapter Vlahovic, after the former violet player reiterated his willingness to stay in Juventus: "We are talking to many, we have a very strong relationship with our players and agents. We want to give continuity to this group that is giving us great satisfaction".

"Our status è always the same, we are very happy with the last game, we are also very happy with Rabiot&#39s phrase, becauseé we want our players to always dream. It's clear that the company has the goal of getting into the Champions League and we look at that, we are well planted with our feet on the ground. However, we are pleased that our players are aiming for the maximum, this does not mean that then the company&#39s goal should change".

Comment on Monza’s jewel, Colpani, who has been mentioned precisely to the Bianconeri: "He's a good footballer for sure".

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