Mattia Binotto, Ferrari permanently forgotten: now he can settle elsewhere

©Getty Images

The long period of stop canò now come to an end.

Mattia Binotto is putting Ferrari behind him for good. The Cavallino's former team principal, who had worked in Maranello for decades as an engineer and engine driver, has long since parted ways with the team he also directed until 2022. But only now can he actually begin a new adventure in Formula 1.

With the beginning of December, in fact, the period during which Binotto was contractually bound not to bind himself to Formula 1 teams other than Ferrari ends. This is a habit for the Circus, where through this process called "gardening" it is aimed at preventing one's former employee from switching to competitors and perhaps exploiting knowledge of a car's designs to apply it to the new employer's plans.

Free to settle elsewhere, it now remains to be determined who Binotto will work for in the future. During the course of the year there had been talk of several hypotheses for him: Alpine and McLaren for the present, or perhaps Audi in the future. At the moment all is silent, but with the news that the Ferrari veteran è now officially "on the market".

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