Ferrari, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz: is one too many?

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Both drivers of the Redhead go to contract scandal in 2024

In Maranello they are already è focused on next season, hoping it will be better than the last one that went on record. Ferrari is also planning its future at the driver level, considering that both Leclerc and Sainz have their contracts expiring in 2024.

The Monegasque’s situation seems clear. His renewal until 2029 would now be certain. A princely contract. A base salary of 25 million euros that could even double over the course of the deal. Leclerc è considered the right man to lead Ferrari to success.

It is a different matter for Sainz. The Spaniard (the only one of the two to have won a GP in the last season) has reportedly asked for a two-year renewal but, at the moment, there would still be no certainty that he will definitely stay at Ferrari. Much will depend on the eventual bargains in the market. It is not è a mystery that Ferrari is also looking around to see whether or not there is a better profile than Sainz. The coming weeks will be decisive for both of them. Leclerc could sign the new contract soon while Sainz is waiting to see what will happen.

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