Luca Marini-Honda: the rejection of Jorge Lorenzo

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Luca Marini-Honda: Jorge Lorenzo’s rejection

Former MotoGp rider Jorge Lorenzo, at the microphones of As, did not mince words in commenting on Luca Marini’s move to Honda. "Sports-wise, I think it is a mistake,” he stressed. “I think Honda&#39s desperate situation has created a contractual and economic opportunity for Marini, who probably would have stayed with Mooney VR46, which was difficult for him to refuse".

"I would have given more priority to having the best bike to show the potential and win a championship,” confessed the five-time world champion. “When you win it, your value as a rider will be higher and higher. Changing for money or for a challenge with a bike that, in principle, è worse than the one you have… è complicated. Many riders have been hurt that wayì".

"He is already 25 years old, and to imagine that a Honda is the best bike in two or three years is notè easy.  A very tall rider and the Honda è one of the smallest bikes on the grid. I don’t know how he’s going to fit on that bike. They’re going to have to make some major changes for Marini, who è is almost 1.90m tall. I, who am 1.72m tall, felt very uncomfortable with my legs on that bike, it didn’t fit me. È difficult for me to imagine Luca Marini on the Honda, but they will have to do something" added Lorenzo.

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