Giorgio Chiellini wants to return to Juventus

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The words of Giorgio Chiellini

The mls final could be the last game of Giorgio Chiellini’s career, who meanwhile is thinking about what he will do next. "In my future I see Juventus. I do not know in what position, but è a place where I spent almost half of my life. I am still very close, and I am very happy that they are having a good season. I can't wait to go back to the Stadium during the Christmas vacations. But there's no rush, I am enjoying life here with my family".  

Heir Chapter: "Wands è very different from me, but he has huge potential. Technically I could compare him to Bonucci. A little bit different, but he looks like us. &Eegrave; improved since è being coached by Conte in defense, he is only 24 years old. He could be among the top five defenders in the world. At most among the 10".

And again: "I hope Verratti can get back in the game: the midfield of Italy è very strong. We are missing a 9 probably, but Immobile è a good striker and there are more level ones coming. However è a new cycle has started: with Spalletti I see a bright future".

Closing remark on the Scudetto fight in Serie A: "Juventus is managing to be more" constant, what was lacking last year. We will see if they can stay close to Inter in March. Inter's the favorite, if the Nerazzurri go far in the Champions League it will be easier for Juventus to stay behind them". 

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