Toto Wolff, the case is closed

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The Toto Wolff Case

Toto Wolff can breathe a sigh of relief: “After reviewing FOM’s Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy and confirming that adequate safeguards are in place to mitigate any potential conflict, FIA è convinced that FOM’s compliance management system is sufficiently robust to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information".

"The FIA canò confirm that there are no ongoing investigations involving any individuals either in ethical or disciplinary terms. As a regulatory body, the FIA has a duty to preserve the’integrityà of motorsport. The FIA reaffirms its commitment to’integrityà and fairness". The case related to the Mercedes team principal è therefore to be considered closed.

As with what happened in the 2023 season, the 2024 F1 World Championship will also see six Sprint Races on the calendar, with a couple of changes from the season that has just ended: along with the confirmed dates of Austria, Texas, Brazil and Qatar, China and Miami in fact arrive to take the place of Azerbaijan and Belgium, which nevertheless remain on the calendar with the classic race weekend.

Brazil will host a Sprint race for the fourth time in history, for Austria it will be the third event while for Austin and Lusail it will be the second. The goal of the Circus leadership remains to enrich the racing experience at circuits that favor overtaking, as well as to increase the number of overall events and spectators both in the stands and on TV.

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