Milan in action: treasury needed to get to Jonathan David

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Lille continues to value David’s tag at around 40 million euros

Milan è is looking for a forward for January. Giroud cannot play every game and Jovic showed signs of life only in the last league outing. Given Okafor&#39s physical problems and Camarda&#39s immature age, it is clear that Pioli could very much use a quality striker who can change the attack right away. One like David, owned by Lille.

Class of 2000, David costs a lot. Lille, for the Canadian national striker, wants no less than 40 million euros. An important figure that Milan is trying to lower as much as possible. However, there's also another way. Give up a few elements of the current squad to cash in on an important treasury to be used in the negotiation with Lille for David.

The first step, in this sense, could be Krunic's farewell. Fenerbahce is serious. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, ready a three-million-euro contract for the player (double what he gets at AC Milan) and at least 6/7 million for the player’s tag, although the Diavolo is aiming to close at 10. Krunic could be the first but not the only one to pack his bags in January, so that they can put all their eggs in David’s basket.

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