Napoli, Walter Mazzarri: “We lack nastiness but we didn’t deserve to lose”

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Napoli, Walter Mazzarri: "We lack nastiness but we didn’t deserve to lose"

Here are the words to the DAZN microphones of Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri after the 1-‘ defeat at Juventus Stadium against the Bianconeri.

"Those who know soccer know that there are episodes, the boys played a great game dominating on the level of play. In the second half, we closed Juve in their penalty area. They are good at being careful in every single detail. We were wrong not to go into the path of the cross at the goal. My team always plays better than others, Kvaratskhelia's chance è resounding, you can tell that è a bad moment. If we continue on this team, results".

" We lack the nastiness that in these balanced matches make the difference. The team was set up well, we buffered their restarts. So many things of the old Napoli were seen again. The athletic condition of the players who have recently returned must also improve. This team, from now on, can only make a great championship. Osimhen gets tarred, they always marked him, even when the ball was far away. He è one who can è make a difference. When è in form, è a devastating player".

"I continue to be confident, all it takes is a string of good results to be back near the top. Right now è it is useless to look at the standings, if they are here, it means that things were not going well before either. Tonight we absolutely did not deserve to lose the game: now we think about passing the round in the Champions League, then we will have the chance to relaunch ourselves in the league”.

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