Ivan Ljubicic goes down flat on Jannik Sinner: “He has nothing to learn.”

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An outlier who has nothing to learn from the greatest champions.

Jannik Sinner è at the level of the great tennis stars, including Roger Federer. To say this is not è just any insider, but someone who knows the Swiss outfielder better than almost anyone else: in fact, it is his former coach Ivan Ljubicic, who has spoken words of high praise for the talent from San Candido.

"Sinner does not è like Alcaraz, who from position 40 of the ATP ranking è climbed up to the first place. He needs to take it one step at a time, and he needed to gather some experience to really feel comfortable,” explained Ljubicic, as reported by 'Tuttosport' -. I had stated at the end of 2022 that I was only sorry that he did not have major matches against the big boys. Now he has, and he has nothing more to learn".

More or less in the same hours another coach of a great champion, Gilles Cervara, had also spoken words of praise for Sinner. "He has come a long way, he has invested a lot in training in recent months, constantly improving something in his game and working incredibly hard", said Daniil Medvedev's current coach.

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