Cycling, Chris Froome thinks nothing of retiring

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The Briton won the Giro d'Italia in 2018


Froome, for years, can no longer be as fast and competitive as he would like. In 2018 he managed to win the Giro d'Italia then so many difficulties, especially the terrifying crash in 2019. Back in the saddle, he has not (yet) found a way to return to star at high levels but his desire to pedal has not è faded, indeed è stronger than before.

The Briton, born in 1985, still has two years left on his guaranteed contract and he intends to stick to them, indeed there's a possibility that they may not be the last of his career: "It&#39s not a hundred percent certain that I will stop at the end of 2025, it depends a lot on how it goes until then. But making 2024 and 2025 è the minimum", his clear words to Gazzetta dello Sport.

Clear on goals for next season: "Right now the Giro d’Italia option is not è on the table. The’main goal remains to return to the start of the Tour de France, in the best possible shape. But I really hope to do some races in Italy. Maybe the Tirreno-Adriatico, which I è always liked. I should make my debut in the Tour of Rwanda, Feb. 18-25. I have a lot of energy and feel super-motivated for next season".

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