Ferrari, Montezemolo does not forget Michael Schumacher

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Montezemolo’s words

Almost ten years after the accident on the snows of Meribel, TG1 è returned to talk about Michael Schumacher, interviewing Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, former Ferrari chairman and friend of the seven-time world champion. "I wish we could go back 15 years and have the same satisfaction together both on and off the track".

"The moments right after the Suzuka victory we were like intoxicated, hugging, kissing, with him, with Todt, with the mechanics. Emotion, with tears of his and mine when he went down to Monza for the last time from Ferrari because he had decided to retire. Corinna è a wonderful woman and she told me, ‘I am very happy if you can remember that fantastic time’. Michael I love you and I think of you always", he concluded.

Jean Todt in an’interview with La Stampa in recent days è returned to talk about the relationship with Michael Schumacher: "At first it was professional, then of increasing trust, until it became a great friendship. Michael è a friend, I consider him part of my family. I visit him regularly, in the past we followed some Grand Prix on TV. The rest è a private matter. The’only thing I say è that I adore Michael, I adore his family and è it’s right to respect their privacy".

L'former Ferrari team principal then spoke about his past in Rosso: "The situation at the beginning was disastrous. In ’96 there was a lot of talk about my dismissal. Michael had just arrived and saw that my plan was right, the people who were coming in and with whom I was secretly dealing matched our plan. That’s why he è stepped in and said, ‘If Todt leaves, I’m leaving too’. That certainly stopped those who were thinking of sending me away”.


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