Olimpia Milano, targeting a former Virtus as a point guard

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The red and white infirmary è increasingly crowded, reinforcements are needed from the market

In the red and white house it is raining wet. "Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano announces that Maodo Lo has suffered an injury to the short adductor muscle of the left thigh that will be re-evaluated in three weeks. As for Nikola Mirotic: after undergoing instrumental investigations and specialist consultation following the exacerbation of left Achilles tendinopathy, the player has undertaken, in agreement with the club, a six-week rehabilitation course at the end of which he will be re-evaluated&quot, this is the Olimpia statement.

News that is anything but positive. Mirotic è the star of the team, the big hit of last summer. Lo, on the other hand, accomplice to the decision to stop betting on Pangos (out of the technical project and waiting for a new arrangement), was the only available point guard along with Flaccadori (and Hall, an adapted guard in the booth).

Normal that Olimpia is probing the market desperately looking for reinforcements. In particular, it is looking for a point guard. Mannion è outgoing from Baskonia where he is struggling. Milan is reportedly considering putting under contract the former Virtus Bologna who, according to several rumors, would also like Derthona. Meanwhile, there are to be faced, in total emergency, as many as seven games between now and the end of the year at home AX.

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