Milan-Cortina 2026 bobsledding track: Andrea Abodi’s announcement

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Milan-Cortina 2026 bobsled track: Andrea Abodi's announcement

Minister for Sports and Youth, Andrea Abodi, speaking on the sidelines of a debate at Atreju, announced that the bobsled track for the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics will be in Italy. "Miracles are not done by men or women. We have to find a solution to a real problem and I am convinced that we will find it and it will beà Italian" he stressed.

"I understand that there is a concentration on the bobsled, skeleton and luge track, but there are so many other things about the Olympics and Paralympics that are going well and that I would like to see talked about,” added the Sports Minister. The organization continues and promotion in schools is going well".

"The bobsled track will" be in Italy. Solutions are being studied by Simico and the companyà of the Ministry of Infrastructure. We just have to be patient but the solution will be thereà by January" reassured Abodi.

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