Rafa Nadal’s coach: “We thought it was over.”

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Rafa Nadal’s coach: "We thought it was over"

Rafa Nadal’s coach Carlos Moya in an interview with the ATP recounted the long ordeal of the Manacor star, who after yet another operation felt he was one step away from retirement: "There were very difficult moments because he wasn’t getting better, Rafa soon took so many risks to try to get back up, he always kept the desire driven by the desire to return to play. At various times, I thought it was over".

"He underwent a’more complicated operation than initially planned. Once he è was under the knife and they saw the situation they realized it was a more delicate surgery than originally thought. The recovery time was longer than expected. È it is also true that if he had not undergone the’surgery it would be even more difficult to recover. È has always been clear that he wanted to come back and wanted his farewell to be on the playing field".

"Little by little we increased the load and increased the intensity’always with well-established deadlines that we met. Sometimes we had to take a step back, rest a bit’, slow down, but that is part of the process for an injury of this severity; and at this point in his career when he is no longer 20 years old. The problems have now been solved and heè pretty much ready to go to Australia".

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