Monza, Palladino: “Reacted well but we need to score more”

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Monza, Palladino: "Reacted well but we need to score moreù"

Monza coach Raffaele Palladino spoke after the match lost to Milan at the San Siro: "With Milan we fail to materialize, they have been three similar matches. Going down after a handful of minutes is not è ideal, but we reacted in an important context, with dribbling and ball possession: è we lacked a bit of conviction, then Milan made an excellent performance" .

On Milan’s new form: "I’m happy to face great coaches like Pioli, I treasure these experiences: their three-man defense did not però surprise us, the goal of the 1-0 è was in part fortuitous" .

Monza scores little: "Only sixteen goals? I have to find the solutions: we kick and occupy the area in many, but our qualities require us to do more. It is not è easy to score points with the big ones, when they need them, they score them: è equally valuable to have always scored points with opponents within our reach, too bad we did not make Dr. Galliani rejoice, who congratulated us at 90' for the performance".

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