Alessandro Nesta smells the scent of the big leagues

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Nesta Speaks

Rumors of a landing of Alessandro Nesta in Serie A are intensifying: his name è insistently approached Monza, which at the end of the season, barring sensational twists and turns, will say goodbye to Raffaele Palladino, coveted by several clubs.

“In Reggio Emilia I found myself very well, they are all good people in società: if I had the certainty of coaching the same players I would sign immediately for 5 years” said the’former Lazio player, who led the granata to salvation.

“Some offers there&39;è but it&39;s not even a question of money or category. Together with the director we will compare and figure out what path to take” added Nesta.

For Palladino there is talk of Fiorentina, where he would go to take the place of Italiano, while from Portugal è came the rumor that it would not be real the rumor of an interest for him by Benfica

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