Max Verstappen, according to Stefano Domenicali, the revolution is near

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After so many years of domination, there'è those who predict a revolution.

Max Verstappen è the master of Formula 1 since 2021, to be precise since the last rainbow round of that year when he got the better of Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, overtaking his great rival for the title on the last lap of the season. Since then his domination over any opponent (from Mercedes to Ferrari to, more recently, McLaren) è been clear. Yet someone who knows the Circus like the back of his hand, Stefano Domenicali, è convinced that this is about to end.

"Over time there have been many cycles, with great drivers winning many consecutive championships for several years. This però è a factor that does not attract the public. Plus, if the races won become too many, è it è difficult to beat the legend. Right now Verstappen è proved to be the best driver on the grid, we have to respect him. But soon, perhaps, another one will take his place", Domenicali, currently president and CEO of Formula 1, told 'ESPN' Domenicali.

According to his analysis, Formula 1 has not è become either a boring sport, or a world that is trying to become captivating again in an artificial way. " We are not producing false results, simply someone like Verstappen and Red Bull are doing better than the others,” Domenicali explained. " The goal of the sport forè not è this. And in fact the various single-seaters on the grid are getting closer together".

"Those who see the Formula 1 of recent years as boring or even predictable are few fans, I would say very few. This is shown by the fact that we are growing all over the world. I advise these fans to keep following us and to stay focused on what is happening on the track, because great things are happening. And at any moment anything could happen", Domenicali concluded.

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