Obereggen European Cup: Steven Amiez the fastest in the first run

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Obereggen European Cup: Steven Amiez the fastest of the first run


Frenchman Steven Amiez leads the standings of the prestigious Obereggen European Cup slalom after the first run. The 25-year-old, who already won in Obereggen in 2022, è managed a virtually perfect run, especially in the second part. Behind him two Scandinavian talents, both with a rather pronounced gap: the 20-year-old Norwegian Hans Grahl-Madsen (+61 hundredths) and the
22-year-old Finnish Jesper Pohjolainen (+73 hundredths).

The Azzurri can also hope for a podium finish after they have already experienced so many disappointments in the history of Obereggen. It would be the first podium after the one in 2018, when Giuliano Razzoli arrived second. Reigning junior slalom world champion Corrado Barbera è fifth with a delay of 1.2 seconds on Amiez, Simon Maurberger of Aurina Valley seventh with a delay of 1.4 seconds. Significant gaps, those of the Italians, but bridgeable since Maierl, especially in the second run, provided great surprises.

In fourth and sixth place, however, were Switzerland’s Reto Schmidiger and Sweden’s Fabian Ax Swartz, respectively. Completing the top 10: Croatian Samuel Kolega, Swiss Joel Luetolf and Norwegian Eirik Hystad Solberg.

The second heat starts at 1 p.m. This year Obereggen celebrates the first 40 years of its European Cup, the oldest on the continental circuit.

The Top 10 after the first run

1. Steven Amiez (FRA) 53.40 seconds
2. Hans Grahl-Madsen (NOR) +0.61
3. Jesper Pohjolainen (FIN) +0.73
4. Reto Schmidiger (SUI) +1.08
5. Corrado Barbera (ITA) +1.20
6. Fabian Ax Swartz (SWE) +1.26
7. Simon Maurberger (ITA) +1.40
8. Samuel Kolega (CRO) +1.42
9. Joel Luetolf (SUI) +1.49
10. Eirik Hystad Solberg (NOR) +1.52

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