Pescara, Zdenek Zeman is fine and back on the bench

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Pescara, Zdenek Zeman is fine and back on the bench

Pescara returns to the Adriatic tomorrow to face the last match of 2023. Host at the Via Pepe facility will be Fermana, last in the standings but fresh off a 2-1 success over Juventus Next Gen.

He&#39ll be back on the Biancazzurra bench after a slight illness two weeks ago, coach Zdenek Zeman, who today è returned to speak to the press to present the match with the Marche players but not only.

”I am fine, I have worried so many. Without smoke you canò stay and I go on. Let’s see how long it lasts (and here’s a laugh). I never thought of quitting and leaving the team. Even the exams were good that’s why I always thought of coming back. Half the world wrote to me and I am happy with all this affection".

Then soccer played and tomorrow’s match: "Tomorrow I will be on the bench and I would like to see a focused team on the field playing as if they were facing the first in the standings. I am convinced that this team has values, maybe not brought them out but I am sure of that. Fermana? The standings say that è last in the standings but these are the mostù difficult".

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