Carlos Sainz exposes himself: here are his benchmarks in F1

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Even among colleagues, we try to draw inspiration from each other.

Carlos Sainz looks to Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, only after the others (including Charles Leclerc). Explaining this was Ferrari’s Spaniard himself, in an interview in which he opened up about an activity that is fundamental for Formula 1 drivers: that of studying the footage of colleagues to try to glean their strengths in the way they approach the various Formula 1 circuits.

In that sense, what Sainz confided to the microphones of 'DAZN' è is clear: "If you look at the onboards of the various drivers, è it is easy to notice that some of us do different things. And if I have to tell the truth, of course I always watch the footage from Max Verstappen’s single-seater. He usually è the fastest and is making a difference, as well as Red Bull, so I watch him to try to get close to what he does. But I also study Lando Norris, becauseé I know how è good".

Sainz went on to list the other drivers he keeps track of: "Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are also great drivers, so you can&#39t miss studying and analyzing their driving. And the same goes for Charles Leclerc, also because heé è my teammate in Ferrari. And to see Fernando Alonso, finally, è very useful especially in terms of his way of dealing with race Sunday".

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