“It’s Jannik Sinner’s year”: tennis guru makes illustrious comparisons

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"It's the year of Jannik Sinner": tennis guru makes illustrious comparisons

Famed French tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes 2024 could become "the year of Jannik Sinner". The Italian's victory at the Australian Open impressed Mouratoglou, especially because of the mental strength that the Azzurro showed in Melbourne: "What's really impressive with Sinner è that he è was able to play the matches we expected from him, without hesitation".

"It was not soì obvious. Djokovic was not at his best in the semifinals, but Sinner played exactly the match he should have played. In the final against Medvedev, his first Grand Slam final, after the first two complicated sets he played his best, and he didn’t feel the pressure to win, even in the final";

"His level è has been very consistent, and the qualityè of his tennis è very high, high enough to win a Slam. Winning the Davis Cup gave him even more confidence, è like Novak Djokovic in 2011".

"After winning the Davis Cup, Djokovic played a great 2011, winning against virtually everyone, beating Nadal even on clay. It's been his year. And now I think 2024 can be Jannik Sinner's year. I think the real Djokovic is still ahead, but Sinner this year can play in an incredible way".

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