Lewis Hamilton and those old words, “Every driver dreams of Ferrari”

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The unexpected move to Maranello certainly did not come out of nowhere.

Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari in 2025, where he would team up with Charles Leclerc, è a prospect that is igniting the imagination of fans of the Cavallino and Formula 1 as a whole. The seven-time British world champion, who also in the course of his career in the top motorsport series has driven only Mercedes-powered single-seaters, has, however, never hidden the fact that he has always been fascinated by the Maranello marque.

Already in 2013, the first year in which he was a Mercedes driver after his long spell at McLaren, Hamilton declared that "itè not a mystery that every driver wants to drive for them, sooner or later". A full-blown wink to Ferrari came forò at the 2021 Monza Grand Prix, a season in which the Anglo-Caribbean was chasing in vain the historic eighth world championship of his incredible career.

"For many years I è happened to come to Monza, to walk next to the fans and to hear that they were asking me to come to Ferrari – Hamilton explained to 'Sky Sport' -. Their words warmed my heart, also because ité è quite unbelievable that in all these years I have never driven a Ferrari. And the red è always the red".

"I have two road cars at home, and those I can drive. But the Formula 1 Ferrari doesn’t. That però è a dream for any driver, as well as a goal to achieve. But for me, it è has never really been possible, and I will never be able to say with total accuracy whyé things have turned out this way,", affirmedò Hamilton.

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