Paolo Bertolucci: “Sinner-Alcaraz as Federer-Nadal.”

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Paolo Bertolucci: "Sinner-Alcaraz as Federer-Nadal"

Speaking in the usual appointment with the "Volée backhand column" in the columns of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Paolo Bertolucci è indulged in a rather challenging comparison about Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz, who according to the former blue champion "are undeniably Djokovic&#39s two main pursuers to take away the number 1 Atp&quot ranking from the Serbian outfielder.

The'analysis è started from an extra tennis element, namely; the friendship that binds the'Alto Adige native to the Spaniard: "Carlos and Jannik are very close, I would say really friends, polite and simple in a historical moment that sees these qualities lost; among young people but that just for this reason makes them rise in the hit parade of the'high approval among fans".

So it è shifted to the technical side: "Alcaraz’s game è more complete, while Sinner’s is more concrete. The Spaniard è led to win the point by seeking the applause of the audience, the Blue, on the other hand, wants to win the game. His growth in the last 5 months è has been exponential, from a boy Sinner è became a man. Alcaraz, on the other hand, è still a teenager, we can see it from the results of the last year, with many ups and downs (more the latter than the former) that suggest a settling-in phase after the two Slams won and the number 1 ranking".

"Both of them can revive the most beautiful rivalry, the one between Federer and Nadal that gave great momentum and popularity to tennis for two decades. There’è empathy between the two, they play to outdo each other but with great respect for each other. And, like the great Roger and Rafa, they have all the characteristics to carry their challenge far into the future" concluded Bertolucci.

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