Third quarter horror, Ettore Messina doesn’t give it a rest

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Third quarter horror, Ettore Messina does not give himself peace

EA7 Emporio Armani Milano plays three quarters at par or even better in Istanbul against Anadolu Efes, but a horrible third quarter, with a 30-7 unfavorable partial, condemns it to defeat in the game of the 25th day of the Euroleague regular season.

The first quarter è very much and quilibrato and in fact ends on 15-15, in the second instead Olimpia stretches up to +13 on 38-25, but already there’è here there’è an alarm signal because’é incurs a partial of 6-0 and we arrive at the long interval on +9, 43-34.

The turning point, albeit in the negative, comes in the third quarter, with unfavorable partials of 10-0, 6-0 and 10-0, interspersed only by 5 points. When 10 minutes were left to the end the score è of 64-50 for the Turks.

Theoretically there would still be time to turn the match around again, and in fact Olimpia managed to tie the game at 71 with 3’24” from the buzzer, but shortly after Will Clyburn, with two triples, knocked Milan out for good. For the Turks 19 points and 6 assists by Shane Larkin, for Olimpia 17 points and 7 rebounds by Shavon Shields.

This is how’Olimpia coach Ettore Messina commented on the game in Istanbul: “Congratulations to’Efes because’they won the game in the end, but’it’s really frustrating to have played three very good quarters and to have lost the game for a terrible quarter. It’ s hard to explain what è s happened, becauseé s been happening all year, We missed so many opportunities; and we continue to do that. If we are fragile, we will keep talking, talking, talking, and maybe we will be able to solve the problem. To use an English idiom, è it is clear that we are talking about the’elephant in the room”.

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