Davis Cup touring Italy, starting at TC Parioli

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Davis Cup on tour in Italy, starts at TC Parioli

A nearly fifty-year wait, but the world&#39s most famous salad bowl, the Davis Cup, è returned to Italy.

And if yesterday è it was brought to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, by the Italian national team that won in Malaga last November 26, from today è instead, it will be exhibited in Rome at the Tc Parioli, temple of Italian tennis, which the federation has chosen as the first circle of the trophy tour.

That is why tomorrow at 6 p.m. è a big celebration is scheduled: there will be heroes of the past and present. From Nicola Pietrangeli, captain of the Davis won in '76, to Filippo Volandri, the captain of today.

Lots of guests to trace the history of the Davis Cup through the tales and anecdotes of those who experienced it and then to toast the trophy together. Among them, several former Davis players such as Gianluca Pozzi, Massimo Di Domenico and Ezio Di Matteo (aka "Pancho") and many others.

There will also be institutional figures such as federal adviser Giulia Soresina, and the president of the Fitp Lazio regional committee, as well as the vice president of Tennis Europe, Giorgio Di Palermo.

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