Six Nations, Gonzalo Quesada names two more for Ireland

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Six Nations, Gonzalo Quesada names two more for Ireland'Ireland

The march toward the Italian men’s national rugby team’s second match at the Guinness Six Nations 2024 officially begins. The Azzurri will be engaged on Sunday, February 11 at 3 p.m. local (4 p.m. Italian time) at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin facing hosts Ireland, a match that will be broadcast live on Sky Sports and free-to-air on TV8.

Double afternoon training at the Giulio Onesti Olympic Preparation Center, which from lunch today returns to be the headquarters of the Azzurri toward their second commitment in the tournament.

Also summoned in preparation for the match against Ireland are Matteo Canali – the second line of Zebre Parma in his first call-up to the Maggiore national team – and Leonardo Marin, a three-quarter in the Benetton strength with six appearances and one try scored in an Italy jersey. The two players will be available to the technical staff starting today.

This is the updated list of athletes summoned for the gathering in preparation for Ireland:


Peter CECCARELLI (Perpignan, 32 caps)

Danilo FISCHETTI (Zebre Parma, 37 caps)

Matteo NOCERA (Zebre Parma, rookie)

Luca RIZZOLI (Zebre Parma, rookie)

Mirco SPAGNOLO (Benetton Rugby, 1 cap)

Giosuè ZILOCCHI (Benetton Rugby, 17 caps)


Gianmarco LUCCHESI (Benetton Rugby, 18 caps)

Marco MANFREDI (Zebre Parma, 3 caps)

Giacomo NICOTERA (Benetton Rugby, 19 caps)

Second Lines

Matteo CANALI (Zebre Parma, rookie)

Niccolò CANNONE (Benetton Rugby, 37 caps)

Edoardo IACHIZZI (Benetton Rugby, 6 caps)

Federico RUZZA (Benetton Rugby, 50 caps)

Andrea ZAMBONIN (Zebre Parma, 4 caps)

Third Lines

Lorenzo CANNONE (Benetton Rugby, 17 caps)

Riccardo FAVRETTO (Benetton Rugby, 1 cap)

Alessandro IZEKOR (Benetton Rugby, 1 cap)

Michele LAMARO (Benetton Rugby, 34 caps) 

Ross VINTCENT (Exeter, rookie)

Manuel ZULIANI (Benetton Rugby, 18 caps)


Alessandro GARBISI (Benetton Rugby, 8 caps)

Martin PAGE-RELO (Lyon, 4 caps)

Stephen VARNEY (Gloucester, 25 caps)

Opening Mids

Tommaso ALLAN (Perpignan, 80 caps)

Paolo GARBISI (Montpellier, 32 caps)

Leonardo MARIN (Benetton Rugby, 6 caps)


Juan Ignacio BREX (Benetton Rugby, 31 caps)

Tommaso MENONCELLO (Benetton Rugby, 13 caps)

Federico MORI (Bayonne, 14 caps)

Marco ZANON (Benetton Rugby, 16 caps)


Pierre BRUNO (Zebre Parma, 15 caps)

Ange CAPUOZZO (Stade Toulousain, 17 caps)

Monty IOANE (Lyon 26 caps)

Simone GESI (Zebre Parma, 1 cap)

Lorenzo PANI (Zebre Parma, 6 caps)

These are the appointments of the Italian Men’s National Team during the Six Nations:

03.02.24 – 3:15 pm

Italy v England 24-27 (1-4)

11.02.24 – 3 pm local time (16 ITA)

Ireland v Italy

25.02.24 – 4 pm

France v Italy

9.03.24 – 3:15 pm

Italy v Scotland

16.03.24 – 2:15 pm local (3:15 pm ITA)

Wales v Italy

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