Samardzic, in the future now is Juventus

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Samardzic’s words

There'è Juventus in the future of Lazar Samardzic. Intended first of all as an opponent on the pitch on Monday night, but also as a possible new team in the summer. Dadà Mladen also told Gazzetta dello Sport about it: "Monday; I will tryò to be at the stadium in Turin with my wife and two other children".

"My son disappointed with the market? I think enough has been said about that already. Laki has continued to work hard and è focused on’Udinese. The team is going through a difficult phase and my son wants to help his teammates to come out of it all together".

" We have to see what will beà best for Laki’s development. The fact that he has been approached by several companiesà è is a sign that he is doing well. My son has already said he is ready for the next step, but he is in no hurry. He knows what he has in Udine, where he feels very comfortable in the club and has consistently proven his worth. And this è has only been positive for his growth. We will see what the future holds…".

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