Cloudburst in Bansko, another race canceled.

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Alpine skiing, results

It ends with the cancellation of the race, the unhappy morning in Bansko. Heavy rainfall and a slope that no longer guaranteed the safety of the athletes. The first run of the slalom had been heavily conditioned by the rain, which descended heavily on the slope, making it almost impossible to make time after the first bibs, due to poor visibility and the disastrous conditions of the bottom. Heavy gaps, after the first 3-4 athletes, and a race that could not have regularityà.

Well done, however, Tommaso Sala and Alex Vinatzer, the only athletes among the first 20 starters to manage to climb up the rankings to some extent: Sala up to ninth place (he had 13), but still remitting 2″07 gap from Clement Noel who was leading the temporary ranking with 49″13 (bib number 2). Vinatzer (20) managed to squeeze into 10th place with 2″20 behind, but with a’very good descent given the conditions. Second and third place went to the two Norwegians Timon Haugan and Henrik Kristoffersen (1 and 4), 27 and 38 hundredths behind.

Then the stop after the descent of number 31 and the decision to cancel the race.

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