Piotr Zielinski returns to the pitch against AC Milan

©Getty Images

Piotr Zielinski on the field


Piotr Zielinski è is ready to make a comeback with a starting spot in the crucial challenge against AC Milan. This match is not è only important for Walter Mazzarri, but more importantly for Napoli’s ambitions to reach fourth place and secure access to the Champions League. Despite being excluded from the European list by a presidential decision, Zielinski is confirmed in the starting eleven, a sign of the coach&#39s confidence.

The choice not to renew the contract è the heart of the matter. Zielinski, while feeling at home in Italy, felt that his experience at Napoli was coming to an end. When the opportunity è to move to Inter Milan presented itself, he did not let it slip away. Although not yet official, the deal seems imminent, and this has made the situation public, breaking the spell.

De Laurentiis’ words about the decision to exclude him from the Champions list add to the tension. It seems that his anger is directed more toward the player's agent than toward Zielinski himself. This situation reveals a difficult relationship between the player and the Napoli management.

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