Italian women swordsmen snatch pass for Paris Games

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Blue female swordsmen snatch pass for Paris Games

Italian female epees triumph in Barcelona and fly to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Special Sunday for CT Dario Chiad&ograve’s Italy: the Italian women’s epee team, composed of Rossella Fiamingo, Alberta Santuccio, Mara Navarria and Giulia Rizzi, won the World Cup stage on the Catalan platforms, overcoming Korea after a beautiful final, and arithmetically snatched the pass for next summer’s Olympics.

The Azzurri made their debut in the round of 16, overcoming Japan with a net 38-20. In the quarters, with another true team performance, the Italian women swordsmen imposed themselves on Switzerland with a score of 37-32, acquiring the ticket to the semifinals against China. In the potentially decisive match to mortgage the Olympic Qualification, Italy è was giant: with patience and perseverance, she recovered a gap of 5 hits created in the first phase of the bout, putting the match back on the edge of balance, until the final fraction in which Alberta Santuccio, in the extra minute and with the priority drawn in favor of the Chinese team, placed the blow of 22-21 that made the Italian epee players fly, with only one take-off, to the final in Barcelona and to the Paris 2024 Games.

The exclamation point on the magical day of the Italian women’s epee è was put in the final against Korea. After a very tough start, Italy began an exciting comeback that, in the last three fractions, saw -we were down by 3 lengths . first Mara Navarria nibble a little point, then Rossella Fiamingo emulate her teammate to get a little closer, and finally Alberta Santuccio close the gap and score the decisive hit, the 29-28. Big celebration in Spain for the athletes of CT Dario Chiadò, flanked by staff masters Roberto Cirillo and Daniele Pantoni, with the Italian Fencing Federation’s deputy vice president – two-time epee team Olympian – Maurizio Randazzo leading the delegation. 
Victory, Hymn of Mameli resounding and Olympic Qualification in Paris for the Italian women epee fencers, reigning vice world champions. Barcelona è really tinged with blue.

CT Nicola Zanotti’s Italy finished fifth in the team event of the men’s saber World Cup stage in Tbilisi. The foursome composed of Luigi Samele (bronze yesterday in the individual competition), Luca Curatoli, Michele Gallo and Pietro Torre è stopped 4 hits away from the semifinals on the Georgian platforms, where it had debuted by passing the round of 16 in fluency beating Ukraine 45-28. In the quarters, however, after a hard-fought match, è came the 45-41 stop against Romania.

Diverted to the placing table, the boys led by masters Leonardo Caserta and Lucio Landi overcame China with a result of 45-31. The Azzurri then also beat Egypt in the bout that was worth the fifth position, 45-35, thus obtaining the maximum score possible for those who è stopped on the threshold of the “top 8”, useful to continue the race towards the Olympic Qualification in Paris 2024, which, in the next stage, will pass through the home platforms. From March 1° to March 3, in fact, è scheduled the Luxardo Trophy in Padua, a historic test of the men’s saber World Cup.

WORLD CUP OF FEMALE SWORD TEAMS – Barcelona (Spain), February 11, 2024

ITALY b. Korea 29-28

Korea b. Usa 43-31
ITALY b. China 22-21

ITALY b. Switzerland 37-32

Eighth finals
ITALY b. Japan 38-20

Ranking (26): 1. ITALY (Rossella Fiamingo, Mara Navarria, Giulia Rizzi, Alberta Santuccio), 2. Korea, 3. China, 4. USA

MALE TEAM SQUADS Sabre WORLD CUP – Tbilisi (Georgia), February 11, 2024

Here are the results
Scoreboard 5°/8° place
ITALY b. China 45-31
ITALY b. Egypt 45-35

Romania b. ITALY 45-41

Eighth finals
ITALY b. Ukraine 45-28

Ranking (22): 1. Korea, 2. Hungary, 3. USA, 4. Romania, 5. ITALY (Luca Curatoli, Michele Gallo, Luigi Samele, Pietro Torre)

Italian Fencing Federation Press Office

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