Ducati: Marc Marquez goes into hiding again

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Ducati: Marc Marquez goes into hiding again

Less than a month to go before the start of the MotoGp World Championship and the anticipation è skyrocketing for Marc Marquez, making his debut on a Ducati motorcycle. The first Sepang tests saw him close in on the rise after a not-so-easy start, but rivals do not trust him and already see him among the favorites for the first Grand Prix.

The DAZN junkie made no secret of the fact that he feels the expectation surrounding him but pulled the brake: "I changed brands and there’è a lot of excitement from people. All the people say, ‘you will win the championship’. But I answer that it has been two years since I won a race".

"If I haven’t won a race in two years I can’t expect to clean up and win a championship right away, I have to build" first, explained the Catalan.

Marquez returns to the first Valencia tests: "I was very nervous, I had been riding a same bike for ten years and I was anxious to see if a I would be able to go fast, if I would adapt well. As much as you want to avoid expectations, seeing soì many cameras when you come out of the box makes an impression".

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