F1, unveiled the new Aston Martin AMR24

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Confirmed the two drivers from last season, namely Alonso and Stroll

With a very fast online event, è the new Aston Martin AMR24 was unveiled. Haas, Williams, Sauber Stake and Alpine, è the time has come for the new single-seater of Aston Martin, which, as already known, aims for great results. Confirmed the pair of drivers from last season, then the duo formed by Alonso and Stroll.

Even the color of the livery has not è been altered with green, in use since 2022, dominating the entire single-seater. Despite the words of Fallows, who spoke of a "continuous" project compared to the previous version of the car, according to Marca there would be many new features, starting with the "nose" which is very reminiscent of that of the Red Bull RB19.

On the flanks, too, we notice many accouterments that seem very reminiscent of those employed on World Champion Verstappen’s Red Bull during last season. Also evident is the remodeling of the intake duct, which is much more squared off than the previous version of the single-seater. Now all that is needed is to wait for Bahrain to see if all these novelties will lead to significant performance on the track. The goal è to do better than fifth place in the World Championship constructors’ standings last year.

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