F1 Ferrari, Charles Leclerc shocked by gap with McLarens

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F1 Ferrari, Charles Leclerc shocked by the gap with McLaren

McLaren’s gap of more than 30 seconds over Ferrari shocked Charles Leclerc: "My God…", the Monegasque told his engineer after the finish line.

"In other stints we were faster, but still at a level we didn’t expect, especially compared to Mercedes – the words in the after-race of the driver from the Principality -. We expected McLarens very fast here, but with Mercedes and Aston Martin in line with us. As for Aston Martin è it was soì, as for Mercedes no".

Leclerc admitted that Ferrari " struggled more than expected. The problem was that we had averages that had already done two push laps in SQ2, other teams had only one push lap on that tire. That made the difference".

Suffering from the heat on the track: "Honestly this è by far the hardest race I have ever done in my career".

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