Sergio Perez puts pressure on Fernando Alonso and Ferrari

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F1, Sergio Perez categorical: “For me it will be crucial to close in front of Max”

During the press conference presenting the Monaco GP, Sergio Perez was blunt about the favorites for victory and his ambitions ahead of the Monaco weekend.

“We are aware that it is not our best circuit, we might suffer a little, but it is still the Monte Carlo GP. On Saturday it will be crucial to warm up the tires as best we can, but on a circuit like this anything can happen. I think Alonso and the Ferraris will be a big threat to us both in the race and on the dry lap. I think Mercedes will also rev up this weekend,” admitted the Mexican driver.

“The one in Monaco is one of those circuits, where, at any point, if you make a mistake you go against the wall. There will be no margin for error. For the fans this GP may be boring, but not for us drivers. We all have fun on Saturday because we know very well the importance of qualifying on this track. For me it will be important to finish ahead of Max, I don’t want the gap in the championship to widen,” added Sergio Perez.

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