F1, David Coulthard’s broadside to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton

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Harsh words from the Scotsman

The controversy over porpoising and the FIA’s initiatives to control a phenomenon that is very penalizing for some Formula 1 teams is not abating. On the contrary, filed the Canadian Grand Prix is David Coulthard to fuel the fire with a broadside addressed to teams and drivers who have lined up against the Federation’s change of course, such as Mercedes and the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

On the sidelines of the Canadian weekend, Coulthard told British media, “If a driver feels uncomfortable, or believes that racing can cause long-term damage, he can step aside. There are plenty of girls and boys who would very happily take his place.”

“We have to think in perspective,” added the Scot. “Sport is not a fairy tale: if you’re a boxer you have to expect punches in the face, if you’re a soccer player you have to expect hard blows on the legs. I have experienced situations of advantage when the team I ran for worked better than others, and of disadvantage when the same situation did not occur: when it happens, you also endure physical pain.”

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