Oscar Eleni demolishes Virtus Bologna and Olimpia Milano

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Oscar Eleni demolishes Virtus and Olimpia

He has crushed both Virtus Bologna and Olimpia Milano, which returned empty-handed from the Final Eight of the Italian Cup that saw the surprise triumph of GeVi Napoli, Oscar Eleni, host of BasketVISION, the prestigious newsletter of Enrico Campana, former first signature of the Gazzetta dello Sport who has involved in his project real bigwigs: difficult, after all, to say 'no' to a real institution in the field of basketball. And not only.

“Vote 2 to VIRTUS Segafredo who è fell into the traps of Reggio Emilia making the same noise as Scariolo’s "Vu nera" beaten last year in the finals by Brescia. Don’t tell us that patron Zanetti’s imperative, let’s go to win, has made shortbread legs certainly tired, even if è it seemed the mind the mostù fatigued in Banchi”s house; Eleni’s first stiletto.

“Vote 1 to the’ARMANI who has no justification for yet another failure of the’year although the blame è to the emergence of a group without a true director and who told us about the improvement after the’arrival of Napier who already’s; in last year’s finale was playing on his own è was a fair barker, but by now we are accustomed in the midst of sputtering baskets and feats that excite only the prefect of the oratory’oratory” Eleni’s second stylistic jab.


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