Naples, for Francesco Calzona a debut with a bang

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Naples, for Francesco Calzona a debut with a bang

These are the first words of Francesco Calzona, Napoli’s third coach this season, in the press conference on the eve of the Champions League challenge against Barcelona, in which he will make his debut on the bench of the partenopei and also, ever, on that of a Serie A team.

"Napoli restarts from today, resets everything, starts a new path. From President De Laurentiis I did not have strong pressure for this final piece of the season, but I know what he wants, for him and for the fans the companyà must reach top places. If I failed in three months to give my imprint to Napoli I would feel like a failure".

"We have to get the public on our side, with the team I spoke little because thereé was little to say and much to work on. We did not have a long session, but Osimhen took part in it in full and will be evaluated like the others in tomorrow morning".

"We don&#39t have time so we try to speed up, I told the team that we don&#39t have any more excuses or alibis. I explained to the boys my ideas, we will see if they have received them quickly. We will immediately face a strong rival, with a coach I greatly respect, but we are not afraid because we are Napoli and I would never sign for a tie before playing.

“The president contacted me on Sunday, he is not è happy with the situation: he wants to go ahead in this Champions League and get to the Champions League next year. Hamsik on the staff? He runs an important academy, in such a short time he è could not get organized but never say never because he collaborates with me with Slovakia and here, like Maradona, è very loved".

"Who è Calzona? I have worked with coaches that I respect so much (Spalletti and Sarri who però have not called him ed) and who have passed on concepts that will help me in my continuation, then è clear that I will also put my own. I like the 4-3-3 but I do not bind myself to the modules però I know how è this team was built and I will take it into account and it is no coincidence that today I had a purely tactical session”.

“When I arrived at the Tangenziale, my adrenaline rose, then there's the debut against Barcelona … but Napoli è a strong team that just has to find certain concepts. Mentally we have to turn, but this è a group that did great things last year and also in this Champions”.

“I know Barcelona as well as anyone, I have seen many videos today: I expect a tough game but we enter the field to win becauseé this must be precisely the mentalityà. I do not accept to see players who do not participate in the defensive phase, I will beò happy if I see on the field a group of players who will workà as a team".

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