Andrea Iannone is surprised at himself

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The words of Andrea Iannone

Andrea Iannone could be the big surprise of this first Superbike weekend: "I don’t know what to expect since everything is new to me è everything is new. I think the format is totally different; I talked to my Team Manager who explained the rules, how to start the Championship and everything. I am very determined".

"It is strange to come back but I am glad to come back with all of you, the drivers etc. This è everything I have always loved in my whole life. The preseason didnè t go bad; I’ m a little surprised since overall the speedà è high. At’the beginning we weren’t sure since I had never ridden a race bike before but anyway our preseason è went well".

"We want to try to fight with the best but the top ten positions are our goal. Step by step we have to improve and we will improve in every race", concluded the'former MotoGp centaur, returning after his long disqualification.

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