Gianni Petrucci compares Jannik Sinner to Nicolo Melli

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The words of Gianni Petrucci

Gianni Petrucci, FIP president, also spoke to La Stampa before Italy-Turkey about his own future and that of Gianmarco Pozzecco: "Now there is no talk about it. We are all just passing through. Even those who think they will take my place. In elections whoever has the most votes wins. The 66 percent rule was there’before».

Naturalized chapter: "We are working on Drew Eubanks, we hope there is technical time. Only in the last few days we learned of Donte DiVincenzo’s availability from the American media, but the timing is not there. I am happy that there is interest in Italy, it means that we are not discard".

"Our Sinner è Nicolò Melli. Besides being a great player, he has a charisma that I have seen in few. Melli can touch so many topics. Like him there’è no one, a true leader on and off the court", concluded the number one of Italian basketball.

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