Juventus, Adrien Rabiot’s future is an unknown: a new hypothesis pops up

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Adrien Rabiot’s future è still to be written

After five seasons and a relationship that has evolved year after year, even to the point of wearing the captain’s armband on a few occasions, Adrien Rabiot could leave Juventus for good. The French player and the Bianconeri club have not yet reached an agreement on the possible renewal and there is no shortage of clubs in the window, eager for a zero-parameter summer hit.

According to reports in the 'Corriere dello Sport' Rabiot’s entourage, led by the midfielder’s mother, Mrs. Veronique, is considering a new hypothesis, that of Bayern Munich. The Bavarian club could end the season without any title in the trophy cabinet and, in addition to the coach, could change several players: the first name on the wish list è precisely that of the Frenchman.

Adrien Rabiot: not only Bayern on his trail

Bayern will place itself in competition with at least three Premier League clubs that have already expressed interest in Rabiot for some time: There'è the Arsenal, which would like him to make a qualitative leap; also at the European level, the Tottenham to try to climb back up the ladder after a couple of seasons away from the top, and the Liverpool, which would like him as the first gift to give to the coach who will take over from Jurgen Klopp.

Rabiot, for his part, wants to honor his commitment to Juventus and help the Bianconeri return to qualifying for the Champions League: the 1995-born player, who arrived in the summer of 2019, now sees the struggle made in the adaptation phase as a distant memory and, after his definitive explosion last season, this year he has been confirmed as a 'loyalist' of Massimiliano Allegri‘s chessboard.

A future still in the balance

Rabiot&#39s mother-agent has often dribbled the issue in recent months, explaining that to talk about renewal with the Bianconeri was too early and that in any case the final decision would be up to the player. With four months to go before his contract expires, however, time is running out: fans and insiders expect a choice soon.

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