Crozza: satire on Jannik Sinner causes fans to debate

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Crozza: satire on Jannik Sinner causes fans to discuss

It is causing heated discussions on social media the imitation of Jannik Sinner done by comedian Maurizio Crozza in the first episode of the new season of 'Brothers of Crozza'. Crozza, for the occasion wearing a red wig, in his satire mocked the Australian Open winner by listing, in a stunted Italian, the "real reasons" for residing in Monte Carlo, including the gym membership that guarantees the property swimming pool, the clay sidewalks and the supermarket that guarantees 3×2 in the "Lamborghini" department. "What are taxes? " said at one point "Sinner".

The Ligurian comedian's irony was not appreciated by many fans of the Italian champion, who took to social media criticizing the satire: "If I were Sinner I would tell everyone to go to hell and join the Austrian federtennis" "Sinner speaks very good Italian, better than some we pride ourselves on considering Italian" "Embarrassing gag", are hundreds of criticisms.

There'è those who però downplayed it: "Whoever becomes famousè it&#39s normal to take some mockery; in this case also very good-natured; if Sinner as I think è an intelligent person, and he'll have taken it philosophically".

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