F1, Lewis Hamilton makes clear his priorities for 2024

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F1, Lewis Hamilton makes clear his priorities for 2024

Here are the words of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton,in his last year with Mercedes, during the press conference on the eve of the three-day Bahrain Grand Prix, the race that opens the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship.

“The ’atmosphere è good after testing, as always. We have problems to solve, situation not perfect but better than past years. But we are still not at the level we would like. Russell leading after me? I’m sure he’s capable. But that’s all I can say. È a technical driver, he can involve the team and has come a long way. È very close to Toto (Wolff, ed.) and I know that will be his position”

“Knowing that he will goò in 2025 in Ferrari doesn’t change anything. I went to the factory on Monday and want to attack right away. We are all focused on work and there’è so much affection that everyone understood my choice.I am ready to give my best, every week will be exciting”.

“È it has been a difficult and unusual winter. Winters are getting shorter and shorter. È it took a long time to define a process that was not easy and ended amicably. In January everything è was disrupted, when this opportunity è presented itself, to get everything squared away and make the decision that è was made, which I am excited about, as I am excited about this season. I know that Mercedes will win again”.

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