Franco Morbidelli seeks redemption: ‘Goal to win again’

©Getty Images

After a season to forget, the desire for revenge è so much.

Franco Morbidelli sees positive at the start of his Ducati Pramac adventure. After a season to forget in Yamaha, the Roman has framed his personal goals for the 2024 MotoGP season that he will face with the colors of the team that collected more points than anyone else in the last championship. And precisely because of this, net of physical problems that he still has to overcome completely, he aims with conviction to return to the highest step of the podium.

"On the track I will need the right approach,” Morbidelli stressed on the sidelines of the presentation of the new Ducati Pramac. “I know that especially at the beginning I may have a certain gap from the best on the track, and I will not have to look too much at that. I am aware that I have to catch up and that it will not è be easy to do so in the race. But I will try, because I want to fight for the positions I aspire to".

Morbidelli also explained how he has taken advantage of the last few months: "I took advantage of it to be with the team and look at the data of the other Ducati riders. The style of Bagnaia and Martin è the best to go fast, and è different from what I used to win with in the past. Now I have to respect the right timing to come back after my injury, which is è a month. But most likely I canè come back, even though I couldnè t train. And when that happens; I would like to come back and win podiums and maybe win races".

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