MotoGp, Danilo Petrucci could return immediately

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Danilo Petrucci could see himself again in Australia if Mir does not recover

Suzuki centaur Danilo Petrucci to the Japanese team’s official channels did not rule out being there in Australia if Joan Mir does not recover in time: “On Tuesday or Wednesday we will know how Joan Mir’s ankle is. For now I leave the team suits here…”.

Commentary on his race on Sunday: “Eleven months ago I stopped racing MotoGP, nine months ago I was in the Dakar, the day before yesterday I was in America. It didn’t seem real to me to be on the grid with Suzuki. MotoGP has an awesome intensity, it’s a space bike, it brakes beastly, it accelerates that you have to hold on really hard. It was so difficult this weekend, getting on a bike I’ve never seen and opposite to what I’ve always ridden.”

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