F1 free practice Gp Bahrain: Max Verstappen is not worried. But Vasseur stings him

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F1 free practice Gp Bahrain: Max Verstappen is not è worried. But Vasseur stings him

Max Verstappen is not è surprisingly at the top of the timesheet after the first day of practice of the 2024 WorldFormula 1 Championship. In Bahrain the three-time world champion finished only with the sixth time, nearly half a second behind the day’s leader, Lewis Hamilton. The Dutch driver è however, seemed solid in the race pace and almost everyone believes he only hid ahead of Friday’s official qualifying.

Gp Bahrain, Verstappen: "We are not so badì bad"

Even the person directly involved doesn’t seem the least bit worried: "It’s not bad. Obviously we are all very close . Some teams around us maybe have already turned up the engine in terms of top speed. We just focus on ourselves. We had some problems with the balance between the front and rear, but nothing serious. i it’s about finding the right spot, especially here with the rough asphalt. Once you find the right spot, you gain a lot of time".

Verstappen: "Decisive the long run, I’m not worried"

The Austrian team’s strategy è clear: "Obviously we want to focus on thelong runs. Qualifying is important, but we want to make sure the car is in good shape for the race. I am satisfied with the long run, but there are a couple of things we can still improve. I’m not too worried about the gap to first position".

Vasseur amazed: "I thought it could go faster"

Those who don’t believe too much in Verstappen’s words è però Ferrari’s team principal Frederic Vasseur, who remarked how the Red Bull star doesn’t seem to be so unreachable anymore: "I don’t know what happened to Verstappen today, because " I expected that he could go a little bit more’ fast. I was surprised, but I think he will find the pace again even on the dry lap tomorrow".

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