Milan, Cardinale files Pioli: “Ibrahimovic and I am not satisfied”

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Milan, Cardinale files Pioli: "Ibrahimovic and Ibrahimovic are not satisfied"

Milan president Gerry Cardinale warned Stefano Pioli on the sidelines of an event organized in London. The American owner sent a clear message to the Emilian coach, who may say goodbye to the Rossoneri at the end of the season: "Everything about Milan has to evolve. We will also look at the personal, I and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are not happy that we are not first in the standings, but the team è young è canè improve over time".

Milan, Cardinale complains about too many injuries

Also in the crosshairs are athletic training and medical staff: "We are not happy with the injuries.If you buy a player and you don’t have him available, what do you pay for his tag? It’frustrating. It must be improved the’medical aspect in Milan".

Cardinal and the relationship with Ibrahimovic: "Who knows Milan better?"

Cardinale then dwelt on his relationship with Ibrahimovic: "He's my proxy in Milan, he has the authority to be my voice with the players, with the technical staff and at Casa Milan. Among the benefits of taking a year to study the situation there’è was also getting to know Ibrahimovic well. When I met Zlatan I was very intrigued, he è he is a great team player and if you can include the factor of being teams in the business world as well you can do better things. When clubs are bought, we usually rely on a lot of consultants, but who knows Milan and European soccer better than Zlatan?".

Milan, Cardinale: "We will make a new stadium"

Cardinale also spoke about the stadium: "It’ confirmed, we will bring an American-style stadium to Milan. The assets belong to the fans and I want to create new value, especially for Italy and for the whole Serie A. We have made more progress ourselves in 18 months than anyone else in Italy, we are trying to create not only the stadium but an American-style entertainment campus. Milan would be the perfect place and it would be good for Milan, Italy and Serie A. My goal è to create a company to build the stadium and then use it to help other a clubs build their stadiums. I love San Siro, è a privilege to play there; the question forè not è the stadium but whether we can win better with a new stadium and the answer categorically è yes. We can add value to Serie A by being an example".

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